Basic Rock Climbing Gear

Every rock climber should have a good set of basic rock climbing gear. Rock climbing gear is useful on almost every summit attempt. Even if you're doing some basic mountaineering, there's a good chance that you'll need to break out some basic rock climbing gear.

There's a lot of rock climbing gear you can get as a rock climber and this list is by no means comprehensive, however it will provide the beginning gear shopper with a solid starting point to get started in rock climbing.

Rock Climbing Gear: Shoes

The first piece of rock climbing gear you should buy is a pair of rock climbing shoes. For a new rock climber, I'd recommend buying a climbing shoe with a stiff sole. This will help support your foot when you're standing on small rock outcroppings.

Rock climbing shoes are an important piece of gear- maybe the most important piece of gear. A good lace-up rock climbing shoe with a stiff sole is a great climbing shoe, a valuable piece of gear.

Rock Climbing Gear: Harness

The next piece of rock climbing equipment you need to get is a climbing harness. There are lots of specialized climbing harnesses you can add to your collection of rock climbing gear, but when you're just getting started in the sport of rock climbing, you want your climbing gear to be multi-purposed and comfortable. When it comes to rock climbing harnesses, comfort means padding and a well padded harness is a great piece of gear to have.

Rock Climbing Gear: Hand Jammies

While these aren't exactly necessary, this piece of rock climbing gear will make your climb much more enjoyable. Hand Jammies are basically open-palmed gloves that eliminate the need to take all the time and effort to tape your hands to protect them during rock climbing.

Why they're not a necessary piece of rock climbing gear, they're definitely a piece of gear that's nice to have. Hand Jammies are also a piece of gear that you'll beg for on the rock wall.

Rock Climbing Gear: Belay/Rappelling Rock Climbing Devices

Belay and rappelling rock climbing gear come in a range of styles and prices. You can get a simple figure eight, one of the most basic pieces of gear, for about $15. If you want a more complicated piece of gear, you can get self-breaking devices that cost $90 or more.
Gear shopping can be arduous. You can spend years buying rock climbing gear and still have more gear left that you want to buy. Unless you're willing to dedicate a room of your house to all your rock climbing gear (I call my gear room the garage), you'll have to find versatile gear that you can use on multiple rock climbing environments. Fortunately, we have the internet to buy our rock climbing gear. A quick search of "rock climbing gear" will pull up over 450,000 results. That makes for a lot of competition in the rock climbing gear industry.

Lots of competition means great prices on rock climbing gear room. If you're careful, you could fill your garages- I mean- fill your rock climbing gear room with rock climbing gear for thousands of dollars instead of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

There's a lot of rock climbing gear you can buy, but jokes aside, you get a basic climbing set up for a few hundred dollars. My advice is to get your basic equipment first so you have a versatile set of equipment to gain experience and take more rock climbing classes. Once you find your passion, you can buy more specialized rock climbing gear.

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