Different Kinds of Mountain Climbing Training

Nothing will make you a better mountain climber than taking different mountain climbing training courses. By varying the types of mountain climbing training you take, you can become a more rounded mountain climber.

As with any sport, training will make you better. Training will teach you to spot the best paths. Training will teach you how to navigate crevasses when mountain climbing. Training will teach you how to shimmy up cracks on mountains. And Training will teach you how to stay alive when things go wrong. Becoming a good mountain climber comes from two things: good mountain climbing training and experience.

There are many mountain climbing training classes you can take, but I've narrowed the list down to four must-take mountain climbing training courses. By taking all four mountain climbing training courses, you should be ready for most anything you'll face on your average climb.

Mountain Climbing Training Course #1: Basic Mountaineering

A basic mountaineering training class is a good way to get introduced to the sport of mountain climbing. This mountain climbing training program will introduce you to the basic types of equipment used in mountain climbing as well as give you training in some climbing techniques.

In addition to training you in some basic climbing techniques and equipment usage, many mountain climbing training classes also teach you basic survival skills. That's good training to have when you're in the middle of nowhere with no way to contact the civilized world.

Mountain Climbing Training Course #2: Crack Climbing

Every once in a while you'll reach a point in your mountain climb where the only path is straight up. When this happens, you have two choices: Shimmy up the cracks or go home.

One of the best mountain climbing training courses you can take is a crack climbing training course. It's a challenging training class that will strengthen you physically and give you the training you need to think critically about how to maneuver through difficult situations. It's one of the best mountain climbing training courses you can take.

Mountain Climbing Training Course #3: Rappelling

Rappelling is a skill that every climber should know and consequently, it's one of the mountain climbing training courses that every climber should take. Your basic mountain climbing training course should cover some basic climbing and rappel techniques, but you can benefit greatly from a more advanced training course.

A good advanced rappelling training class will add more than a few tricks to your mountain climbing arsenal. This mountain climbing training course will definitely make you more versatile.

Mountain Climbing Training Course #4: Ice Climbing

High altitudes mean cold weather and cold weather can mean ice. Once you add ice to the mountain climbing equation, the game changes and you need to have training in a whole new set of skills. Ice climbing is an important mountain climbing training course to take for anyone who plans on climbing in freezing conditions. The nuances of climbing on ice are such that skills you've learned elsewhere need substantial adaptation in order to work when you're ice climbing.
This list of mountain climbing training courses is by no means a comprehensive one. Other training courses that will benefit a mountain climber involve survival classes and classes that help you become more familiar with local plant and animal life. There're an almost unlimited number of mountain climbing training courses you can take to increase your knowledge and make you a better mountain climber.

Mountain climbing is a challenging sport. Over time, you'll find yourself in all kinds of different situations that will test both your physical and mental endurance. The more mountain climbing training courses you take, the more situations you'll be able to handle on the mountain.

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