Essential Mountain Climbing Gear

There's always a new piece of mountain climbing gear to buy. In fact, you could buy so much mountain climbing gear that your climbing pack could weigh more than you. In the sport of mountain climbing, there's no shortage of mountain climbing gear to spend your money on.

Developing a comprehensive list of necessary mountain climbing gear for every situation is impossible since each mountain climb presents its own unique mountain climbing challenges and requires its own specialized mountain climbing gear. However, some mountain climbing gear should be with you regardless of the climbing conditions. Here's a list of mountain climbing gear that every mountain climber should carry.

Navigational Mountain Climbing Gear: Map and Compass

You can replace a map of the mountain and compass with a GPS device if you'd like, but you need gear to help you navigate when mountain climbing.

Protective Mountain Climbing Gear: Sunglasses and Sunscreen

These are the pieces of mountain climbing gear are often neglected. When people think sunglasses and sunscreen, they think hot climate, but this gear is equally important in an icy environment. Sunglasses, especially, are vital gear for protecting your eyes from the light reflected off the white snow when mountain climbing. Sun protection gear is important mountain climbing gear to have.

Safety Mountain Climbing Gear: First Aid Kit

Every mountain climber should carry a first aid kit with their mountain climbing gear and be trained to use it. When you're mountain climbing, you're often hours (if not days) away from the nearest aid station. You need to be able to deal with any injuries might happen with the gear you have. Not packing a first aid kit with your other mountain climbing gear is asking for trouble.

Survival Mountain Climbing Gear: Knife and Fire Starter

Flint or waterproof matches; your choice- but you have to have something in your mountain climbing gear that can start a fire. It can get cold at night when you're high up on a mountainside. If you don't bring along some sort of fire starter, you'll have to rub sticks together or go without any heat.

Knives are the most useful piece of mountain climbing gear. Knives come in handy for all kinds of situations. You can use them to trim rope, cut small branches, or a host of other things. A well polished knife can also be used as a signal is some instances and if you find yourself tangled in climbing rope, a knife is a literal lifesaver. Forget your knife at your own peril.

Emergency Mountain Climbing Gear: Signaling Device

You need gear that's capable of signaling for help in case everything that can go wrong when you're climbing a mountain. This piece of mountain climbing gear can be anything from a whistle to a flare.
Buying mountain climbing gear can be fun in itself- especially if you like to bargain hunt. Mountain climbing gear can be expensive, but fortunately there are a lot of websites that offer good deals on climbing gear. Just putting "mountain climbing gear" into Google will give you over 400,000 results- putting "climbing gear" in will give you triple that number. You can find everything from the most basic gear to the most technical gear. And because the competition online is so great, you can find a lot of mountain climbing gear for 25 to 60% off the prices of a brick and mortar climbing gear store.

Mountain climbing offers climbers a range of different environments and challenges. Each environment requires its own specialized gear; however there are certain pieces of mountain climbing gear that should be with you on every climb.

By packing the gear mentioned above, you'll ensure that your next mountain climb is a safe and enjoyable one.

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