Essential Kayaking Gear

Part of the fun of kayaking is buying all the neat kayaking gear. This kayaking gear can be anything from kayaking lifejackets to state-of-the-art fish finders.

When it comes to kayaking gear, there's a fine line between gear you want to have and gear you need to have. For example, fish finding kayaking gear might be a need-to-have item for someone who kayaks primarily to fish. But for someone who enjoys kayaking whitewater; it's a worthless piece of kayaking gear.

In order to define what essential kayaking gear is, we'll stick to kayaking gear that all kayak enthusiasts can benefit from. Some of this gear is absolutely necessary for kayaking, while other gear will simply make your kayaking experience more enjoyable.

Essential Kayaking Gear: Paddles

Obviously this piece of kayaking gear falls in the "gotta have it" category of kayaking gear. You're not going very far without a paddle. However, few beginners realize that there are different kinds of paddles for different kinds of kayaking.

You can tell what kind of paddle it is by its size: whitewater paddles are the shortest paddles and touring paddles the longest. Each paddle is specifically designed to make kayaking easy on the kayaker under the given kayaking conditions. The paddle is usually suited for one kind of kayaking.

For example, touring paddles are long with slender blades. This is because touring kayakers spend long periods of time kayaking and these paddles move through the water easily and don't require the kayaker to bend over as much. This paddle doesn't provide near enough power to navigate whitewater, but that's not important to a touring kayaker. A kayaker needs to choose the right gear to enhance their kayaking experience. The wrong gear is worse than no gear at all.

Safety Kayaking Gear: Life Vest

No set of kayaking gear is complete without this little piece of safety gear. Kayaks can be unstable. A careless move or an inconsiderate person blowing by you in a speed boat can send you and your gear into the water. A life vest will make sure you find your way back to the surface quickly. Even if you're a good swimmer, this is a nice piece of kayaking gear to have around.

Comfortable Kayaking Gear: Kayaking Shoes

A kayak is no place for ordinary shoes. When you go kayaking, your shoes will get wet. Shoes that are made for kayaking have non-slip soles that help you grip slippery rocks as well as a specialized design and construction that allows water to drain out of the shoes quickly so they can dry quickly. You could wear ordinary shoes- if you like having that soggy foot feeling all day long.
All of the kayak gear mentioned above is great for any beginner. Once you've been kayaking for a while and decide what kind of paddling you like best, you can start to acquire specialized kayak gear that will help you in the conditions you've chosen.

Kayaking gear can get expensive. Some pieces of kayaking gear can cost hundreds of dollars. Fortunately, it's easy to find good gear on the internet. Websites like Altrec.Com sell all kinds of gear. They have climbing gear, camping gear, and even some gear for water sports. There are sites just like this all over the internet. All you have to do is search for kayaking gear. Searching "kayaking gear" on Google will yield over 300,000 results. That's over 300,000 potential places to buy your kayaking gear.

If you're a skilled bargain hunter, you can find all the kayaking gear you want for a lot less online than you'll pay at a brick and mortar kayaking gear store.

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