Safety Tips for Hiking and Camping

When you are out in nature either hiking or camping, you should always have the safety of you and your family in the back of your mind. It is when we get too comfortable with a situation when something usually happens. But when you are in a strange environment like you are when camping or hiking, certain things need to be observed for your safety and the safety of the area that you are enjoying. Once you know these safety tips you can go and enjoy your trip without any hassle.

One of the first safety tips as a hiker that you should definitely understand is to stay on a designated trail. These trails sometimes take many years to establish and are put in a certain place for a reason. Not only will staying on a trail keep you safe from harm usually, but it will also help to protect the environment around you, especially if you are in a state or national park of any type. If you decide to venture off of a trail, you take the chance of having damage done to the environment such as soil erosion or the killing of an endangered plant species that you may not be aware of when hiking.

Another thing to do in order to protect yourself and the area that you are residing in is to not leave your waste lying around. This can be trash or even feces. When you do have to go to the bathroom, if a latrine is not readily available you should then dig what is known as a cat hole. This is where you dig a four to six inch deep hole which is at least two hundred feet from a water source to potty into. Then you can cover it up with the dirt when you are finished. Not only will this help to keep the trail clean, but it will also help to cover your scent from wild animals that might be in the nearby area.

Another safety tip for you is about the water supply that may be along a trail. If you did not bring a fresh supply with you or if you failed to bring purification tablets, you could be in trouble. However, just as if you were at your home and a boil order was in place you should always boil any water that you use along the trail. This will keep you from getting sick from contaminates that may be in the nearby water supply and you are unaware of exist.

If by chance you are on the trail or in the campsite and you encounter a dangerous plant, would you know what it was? This is a very important piece of information that you should keep in mind before you go camping or hiking.

By understanding what plants are poisonous and dangerous to you even if you just slightly brush against them, you are taking an active stance to keeping yourself from any danger that Mother Nature may have placed in your path unknowingly. Another huge thing that you should definitely brush up on before you go hiking and camping is your first aid skill. Basic first aid skills can help save a life in the woods if you get into serous trouble.

Hiking and camping safety tips and tricks are ones that you should learn before you attempt to go into the wilderness. Even if you are going to a special park provided by the state or national government, you should still take certain precautions. These precautions can help to save your life or the life of someone you know if you ever run into trouble while you are hiking and camping.

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