Navigational Units for Hiking and Camping

So you have gone camping or hiking and your worst fear has happened. You are lost in the middle of nowhere without any idea of how to get back to your campsite or the nearest road. What are you going to do in order to get out of this sticky situation? Well, the first question to answer is how to avoid this frightening scenario.

The key to avoiding this is to be prepared before you even attempt to go hiking or camping. In order to help yourself navigate in unfamiliar territory, you should prepare yourself with one of the many navigational products that grace our retail market. With so many on the market they are easy to find and now have become very inexpensive and easy to acquire.

Since you may be looking for the best deal in hiking and camping navigation equipment, your first place to search for a guide may be the local Wal-Mart. However, before you walk in and even look at these devices you need to understand a little about them and do a little planning as to what you need. For example, are you going to a designated park for your camping or are you going on a week long hike in the Appalachian Mountains? This will cause you to consider whether you need a sophisticated piece of equipment or a simple map and compass.

Of course you can pick up a map of the area that you are staying in when you check into your campsite if it is a national park. However, no matter where you are camping you need a good compass. These you can pick up at Wal-Mart for a nominal charge, but if you really want to get into the whole I am never going to get lost feeling, then you need a GPS device.

GPS navigational units for hiking and camping come in a huge variety. One of the most well known brands of GPS units is the Garmin. Garmin has come to represent a brand that means quality and dependability. They have just basic units that can keep you on a road and then they have specific units for hikers and campers to keep them on the right path, no matter what the terrain may be when they are outdoors. A good example of a great Garmin GPS unit is the eTrex Legend HCx.

This particular Garmin GPS unit can keep you on track no matter where you may be in North and South America. It will automatically reroute you if you get off the trail to where you need to go. As far as price for this high tech device you can shop around, but on the internet can help you. They offer great shipping and return policies, and who knows you may even find a special item or two while you are checking out their huge line of products specifically for camping and hiking.

No matter what you choose to use as your guide to camping and hiking with a navigational unit, be sure to keep one handy. Also be sure to know simple things like where moss grows on trees and where the sun is in relation to your campsite. Even if you do not have a navigational unit of any kind with you while you are camping or hiking, you can still get some sense of where you are so that you try to avoid the getting lost syndrome. Remember to teach your kids these things also just in case they get separated from you in the woods, so that they will be able to make it back.

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