Benefits of Hiking

Everywhere you turn you are seeing how we should become a healthier nation. Doctors and hospitals are constantly trying to get us to lose weight and get out and exercise more than ever. One way that we can get out and get that much needed exercise along with our families is by going hiking. Hiking adds not only a way to get out and exercise but also a way for us to get out and experience nature. Understanding the benefits of hiking will help you to not only become a healthier person but also to learn one of the best ways to enjoy your family in nature.

Hiking has many physical health benefits. According to doctors we should get at least thirty minutes of cardiovascular exercise a day. Hiking offers us a chance to do just that. Even though many of us think that the stronger the exercise the better our hearts will be, this philosophy is just not true. Actually, according to the American Heart Association you can walk vigorously for thirty to sixty minutes a day three to four times a week and not only lose the extra weight, but you will also help your heart stay in good shape. Hiking is not too strenuous and will provide an excellent way to work out our cardiovascular system.

Another benefit that hiking has to offer is that almost anyone can do it. Unlike most other sports that require huge amounts of expensive equipment, hiking is simple and inexpensive. The only piece of equipment that you will have to purchase to make your hiking experience a great one is a good pair of hiking boots. These can be found at most sporting goods stores and the variety that is on the market is so good that you can rest assured that your feet will be taken well care of and so will your back.

Not only will your heart thank your for beginning to hike but your brain will also. Did you know that your mental health can be directly affected by going for a hike? Getting out in the sunshine and taking in a beautiful day will help you to ward off any negative feelings that you may have stemming from whatever may be going on in your life.

The benefits of hiking will not only help to keep us fit and in shape, but they will also help to keep the epidemic of obesity at a nominal rate in the United States. Do you realize that one in every three Americans is overweight? This is killing us at almost a faster rate than any type of cancer or heart attack. A simple way to overcome this is to get out and get moving.

Hiking benefits can help to keep our physical body and mental body in the shape that they should be in to maintain a healthy life. Since walking is considered to be the best form of exercise that you can do in order to keep your body as fit as possible, hiking seems to fit that bill. It is easy to get started with and the costs are minimal. The best part is that you do not have to join a gym in order to enjoy the benefits of hiking. You can be as grubby as you want and no one will see you unless you are in a national park trail. But even then, it will be for a fleeting moment. So, rejoice at the new way you have found to exercise and go hike a trail. Your body will be proud that you did.

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