How to Cook While Camping

When you go camping the art of cooking can be a challenging experience. But once you get the hang of it, it is an unforgettable experience. Many choices exist for those who wish to take on the challenge of cooking while you are camping instead of eating cold sandwiches. Once you know what you can cook with and how to cook with it, you are on your way to becoming a campfire chef.

One of the best and most convenient ways to cook while you are camping is to use a cook stove. These usually come in propane, butane or kerosene types. They are efficient at cooking all types of foods, and they are also very lightweight so your camp pack will not be weighed down anymore than what it already is. One safety feature to remember when using a camp stove is not to cook in a tent or close to your campfire. These can prove to be very dangerous ways to operate your stove.

Another way that you can cook while you are camping is to use charcoal. This is just as if you were Barbequing at home, and most camp sites offer a BBQ stove where you can prepare your meals. The key is to getting your charcoal the right temperature and to remember that at night the coals will appear red when ready and during the day they will be visibly white.

One of the most well known ways that a camp cook prepares a meal in the great outdoors is with an open fire. A camp fire is well known in the cowboy world as the only way to prepare an original camp meal. But before you attempt your camping experience, make sure that you learn how to make a good campfire and how to properly cook using one. If you are just making smores and roasting hot dogs, then the temperature of the fire will not matter. But if you are going to turn yourself into a camp gourmet, you may be in for a challenge.

Now that you know how to cook in the great outdoors, you may be asking yourself what can you cook while you are camping besides hot dogs? Most people think that when they go camping that they have to fast on sandwiches, chips, hamburgers, and hot dogs. Granted, this is a great way to enjoy the outdoors because nothing tastes better than a hot dog cooked over an open fire.

However, you do not have to sacrifice your health or taste when you go camping. By using the internet you can find a huge amount of great recipes for when you are camping. You can learn how to cook everything from a beef tenderloin to a fried apple pie on an open flame if you so desire. Another place that you can look for great camping recipes is the store where you purchase your camping equipment. Many stores that sell stoves for camping do have some sort of book that can provide you with great recipes.

No matter what you plan on cooking while you are camping keep in mind that certain supplies are needed for any cook. For example if you are going to be eating your fish that you caught next to you in the stream, you will need a special roasting fork. These can again be found where you purchase all of your camping supplies, and even places on the internet like can help you out with all of your cooking needs. Keep in mind when you are camping that taste is one thing that you do not have to sacrifice if you only do a little research before you go on that great outdoor adventure.

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