Save Money On Climbing Clothing At Altrec Outlet

Climbing clothing can get very expensive very quickly. You may find a normal t-shirt on sale for $10, but climbing clothing will cost three times as much. What's the difference? Why is climbing clothing so much more expensive than regular clothing?

These are valid questions about climbing clothing. At first glance, it seems that climbing clothing is the same as everyday clothing. For example, a climbing shirt from The North Face is made from 100% polyester. That sounds like normal clothing. There's nothing exceptional in the clothing design and nothing special in the material. The clothing treatments, however, are a different story.

The North Face makes clothing for climbing. It's treated with an antimicrobial finish to prevent odors and it has an ultraviolet protection factor of 30+. These treatments are common in most climbing clothing. The shirt also wicks moisture away from your body to help keep you dry. You don't get those features in the sale bin of your local clothing store.

The unique features of climbing clothing don't come cheaply. The retail cost of some North Face shirts is around $55. You could buy a lot of regular clothing for that price. However there is hope for those who need to outfit themselves in proper climbing clothing. The same piece of climbing clothing at Altrec Outlet costs only $26.97. You can find great deals on climbing clothing at Altrec Outlet

Altrec Outlet is the outlet version of Altrec which sells outdoor and climbing clothing, backpacks, camping gear, pet gear, and a host of other related equipment. This is a great place for people who love climbing!

There are great deals on climbing clothing available on the Altrec main site, but the deals on Altrec Outlet are outstanding. Not only will you get between 25 and 60% off everything on the site (including climbing clothing), you'll also get free shipping on orders over $45 if you live in the lower 48 states. You'd be surprised how much climbing clothing you can get for $45 at Altrec Outlet.

In addition, Altrec Outlet offers a price matching plus guarantee. If you ever find identical climbing wear from an authorized US distributor of climbing clothing, Altrec Outlet will match the price and give you an extra 5% off your climbing clothing. If you want to be sure that you're getting the best deal possible, just log onto Altrec Outlet and order away.

Most climbing clothing companies don't even offer guarantees. But likes to take their service one step further. Not only do they give you a 100% lifetime satisfaction guarantee and the price matching plus guarantee on your climbing clothing, they also offer to match the price of your purchase for up to 14 days after you buy your climbing clothing. Good luck finding a deal like that on climbing equipment or climbing clothing anywhere else- online or offline.

Climbing is a great sport. It's easy to get passionate about the climbing equipment and climbing clothing available. Some people wear technical climbing clothing all the time! But if you're not careful, the price of your climbing clothing can reach the price of your climbing equipment.

You could wear "normal" clothing when climbing; however you'd be depriving yourself of protection from the wind, the sun, and the horrendous odor that comes with any article of clothing that gets drenched in sweat. The conditions you face when climbing are usually too much for regular clothing to handle. That's why sites that offer climbing clothing inexpensively are such great finds.

Don't deprive yourself of climbing clothing. It's specifically designed for climbing and much more comfortable than regular clothing. Before you give up on climbing apparel, take a look at Altrec Outlet and see what you can find.

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